No Curriculum? No Problem

They say the child is the curriculum.

And books can be their best friends.

If you are lost on how to homeschool or on how to supplement fun learning at home when your child goes to a school – then here are my wise words💁

The answer is right in front of you- your child.

Your child will steer you in the right direction. Your child will let you know what exactly they like to learn and how much information they can grasp.

Your child will tell you when to slow down and when to gear up faster.

Your child already has all the answers that your are looking for.

And how does the child know what he/she wants?

From the observations they make, from the conversations, they hear, from the questions they get to ask and most importantly what ignites their mind while reading a book.

There you have your answer.

This is a simple science experiment we did to understand why do sliced Apples turn brown and how to hack it.



Book Name : Usborne See Inside Atoms and Molecules.

You tell me. Do you think your child has all the answers you seek?

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