Why this blog?

Well…I started a blog wrote a post and went to snoozz…zzze. I just read my previous post and realized that I haven’t mentioned my little one’s name in it. Meet the champ “Darius” Let me call him ‘little D’ or just ‘D’ in this blog.

I live in a small rented house in Chennai with my toddler and my husband. To describe my husband Tony in three words ‘calm, thoughtful and polite’. I was one of those few lucky people who conceived less than twenty days after the wedding and before we knew it D was sleeping between Tony and me. Life has changed since then in a positive way and I am loving every minute of my life despite having numerous zombie nights.

D is a charming, calm and soft kid which he probably must have taken from his dada’s genes. There have been moments where I have been amazed on how matured and understanding he is like an adult. He has a brilliant memory and excellent grasping skills. And that is when I started researching on stimulating his brain and was on constant lookout for activities to keep him busy and full of life.

I have a very poor memory (blame my mommy hormones) and I really need to document these precious moments of my parenting life. I got a scrapbook, but it lies blank inside my cupboard lost within other parenting books. Plus, the idea of blogging sounds really cool. That’s how this blog was born and the rest is history.

I am contemplating on the idea of homeschooling D the Montessori way, but I am yet to figure out the answers for a few questions. How to? How much of the materials I would be able to afford? How much of home space it would need? And more importantly how the transition to traditional school would be? But I have plenty of time and I am sure when it is time I would have all the answers to my questions.

With D around every minute seems fresh and new and we have lots and lots of oh-so-cute-cuddle-and-hug moments. However, we still have many tough nights, I-will-not-stop-breasteeding-tonight-episodes which has never been easy at all. There are always dishes to clean, cloth diapers to be washed, piles of clothes to be folded, little bum to be cleaned, a quick shower to be taken, important calls to be made and so many unimportant yet tempting facebook notifications to be read. But nothing is more important than being there for my little D.  Just the mere presence counts and I believe when he thinks of his childhood memories he will have many sweet stories to be told to his children (read bragging about me to my grandchildren)

I teach my son and he teaches me back. He teaches me to have fun in the simplest things like finding a banana in the market, being thrilled every time the tap is opened, being contended every time he hears his favorite song sung by yours truly (at least he thinks I am good singer, so the debate ends there ), being determined till he figures out his puzzle, being flexible with his sleep patterns, being good hearted to share his snack, being calm when he senses that I am in a bad mood, charming strangers at mall, being  a well mannered gentle boy at parties and the list is endless. I am truly in awe every day.

So there’s more to learn, for him and for me. This blog would not leave any stone unturned when it comes to the smallest of the lessons we learn and the tools/materials we use in the process, from where to source them, to recycle what we have already at home, small lifestyle changes which will not cost a dime and everything that makes little D, me and you a better person.

Someone once told “days are long but the years are short, so take pleasure in it while it lasts” which I would not want to forget till those little fingers could be held within mine.

I would be more than happy if you follow me and let me help you in any way that I could. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read 🙂

See you all soon in my blog world

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