Why Animal Fiction is recommended in Children’s Books?

Have you noticed that most of the Children’s books is about animals as their main character? And that our children are naturally drawn towards it?

It’s a fail proof strategy and has been tried and tested for decades and decades now. Yes, it is the most sought in the Children’s book world.

When I picked my son’s first book and had it delivered online- I was confused. How could this be a best seller?

It’s basic, simple and does not have any fancy glam stuff. I was skeptical if this book would even interest him.

When he woke up from his nap, I jumped at the opportunity. And you know how the story goes right? Well, he was hooked.

After which we explored so many other authors Sandra Boynton, Julia Donaldson, Gail Gibbons, Tony Mittons but one thing didn’t change. The love for animals in the books.

And when people ask me for first books to introduce- no matter what their current age is, I make sure I suggest animal fiction. Yes, one can never go wrong with it.

Let’s see why this fascinates our children.

  1. Because we love all things cute and animal illustrations come with a charm. Like even the owls look cute in owl babies book 😉
  2. They can have all the characteristics and emotions of a child and yet live in a parallel world which breaks free from our reality. It opens doors to use their imagination which is one of the important skills during their early years. Like the animals flying on a stick in “room on the broom” & “the Tiger who came for tea “etc
  3. It is easier to emote through them- like think of this book ‘No Matter What “ big bear little bear etc
  4. They seem to have believable independence and can do remarkable things. You don’t need logic if it is an animal who is doing all these stunt shows. In flashing fire engines, the mouse saves the fire victim 😉
  5. It is less gross to talk about our children’s favt topic- fart and poop. And it never fails to get the message across. The Poop Book can bring in so much of giggles as the book is being read. It’s a win-win.
  6. Animals come with a natural visual humor and it is easy to put a smile on our little readers face.
  7. It is easier to explain complex human feelings like friendship, jealousy, separation anxiety and such through a bear, cat or a dog. It sounds less preachy and relatable.
  8. There is no gender specification. A bear is a bear 😉


Anyways you tell me 1. What is your current favt animal fiction? What do you think of animal fiction? Do you think they put children in a different fantasy world altogether? Or do you think it is odd when a dog talks or when the ladybird gives the plot away? Do you also see why even as adults we like movies like Lion King and the jungle book?

Please comment below and show some love J

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