Who Likes to Bash?

Little Jing Jaang is always curious to know what is cooking inside the kitchen(literally).  Be it pouring dosa batter or sautéing veggies. He has to do it!!! Sometimes it gets difficult for me to manage both cooking and lil D simultaneously.

Walking around the streets, I spotted this cute mortar and pestle and fell in love with it instantly. Damn!! That was the solution. Why didn’t that occur to me before?

Little D showed very little interest initially. But one day when I had to make tea I asked him to grind some elachi for the tea. And he did :-). Then it was garlic on his list for the next few days.

That pestle is a right fit for those small hands. Perfect for them to hold and bash. I am planning for me and Jing Jaang to bake a lemon cheesecake together. I visualize him helping me in squeezing those lemons and crushing cracker biscuits for the cheesecake base while I have my hands busy on the butter sugar mixture.

Anyways, I digress.

Yup, he liked to bash and I looked up for a toy which would help him do the bashing in a more positive approach. And I found this, Hammer and Pegs. The Melisa and Doug was pricey 🙁 I had them hand made in my hometown down south by one of our family friend at a very less price.

Supposedly, it is helps in polishing his skills like hand-eye coordination and motor skills. It also helps him judging the force to be applied on the pegs and how to hit them right. He figured which side of the hammer to use in quite a few attempts and nails them right on the spot. When done on one side, he flips them to the other side to repeat the same (which I didn’t not even think about). The recommended age is 2+ but who cares. My son can proficiently use it at 18 months

So yeah, that’s the genius in the making:-)

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