When children misbehave- we have two Choices

When children misbehave – we have two choices

1. Be curious why they react this way
2. Be judgemental or be worried that your child reacted this way

It is easier,

-to label people in our head,
make assumptions about strangers/friends
-put people in boxes,
assign roles to people in our mind

Rather than being curious about them

Let hear a kutty story
In Ted Lasso( one of my fave shows) Ted gets onto a dart challenge with Rupert.

Rupert assumes that Ted is not good at darts when he challenges him.
Fast forward, Ted wins.

To which Ted says, instead of assuming had Rupert been curious he would have known how Ted went to a local pub every weekend with his dad to play darts.

What I am trying to say here is-

Getting curious needs a lot of learning from our existing patterns

Getting curious means listening to more than talking

Getting curious means being open to new ideas and not fixating on things

Getting curious is stepping back and looking at the big picture.

Are you ready to be curious?

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