Wat(er) a happy place?

I planned all these activities to keep my little one busy while I did some cleaning at home. And yayyy it worked:-)

Who doesn’t like water? That was once my happy place too. Now my showers don’t last longer than 5 minutes.

I had two small terracotta pots which he used to transfer water from one to another. I also gave him a piece of cloth to wipe his spills. He was excited to clean the mess. And then went on to clean the rest of my house. That’s a sad indication that your son cleans more than you, gives me an indirect message that I have to keep my house clean.


So, I thought he was done and asked him to put them back in the shelf. Seems like he was not done with the water play. The transfer went on for like another good 20 minutes. I then gave him a wooden spoon, a medicine dropper and a small plastic spoon. He went on to bring in his paint brush and started painting the terracotta too. I was like Duh!! Why didn’t I think of that?

Once he was bored, I put in some ice cubes on two similar bowls and gave him a spoon. He stared at me. Well, I realized how he would know if I didn’t show him how it has to be used. I showed him to scoop the ice cubes to another bowl. He used his hands to do the same. Using the hands is even easier right? Duh!! By this time he was on his own.

Later I replaced the spoon with a tong. That was too much of work for him. The ice cubes were slippery to hold in a tong and then the cubes dissolved literally in his mouth. He kept exclaiming”cold, cold”. I wanted to give him some lukewarm water to teach him ‘warm’, but shrugged it off considering that would be too much work for me.

And then the funnel, I got a funnel with a handle. He poured water everywhere but through the funnel. I saved it for another day.

Stay tuned for some more water activities:-)


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