Toys that encourage pretend play

Pretend play toys – which toys are worth spending our hard earned money on?

When amazon has special category for just pretend play toys, I am sure we go bonkers just by browsing through these endless lists.

Like Sima Aunty from #indianmatchmaking says, I just get tired when I even think of the list 😉

Anyways, because I am asked this many a times- I am going to answer it in a post here.

Sharing just our top 3 favts. If you are new here- I am a toy consultant. I help brands choose, decide or help with their product design. Prior to that, I was directly involved in direct toy sales. More than everything, I am a mother who also likes to play with her children’s toys.

1. This tree set.

We have been using this one for 4 years now and it gets loved like it’s just been opened out of its cover. Every single time.

2. This rail over pass.

The bridges are pain in the wrong place, because it keeps falling down.

But wait, your child will grow through that phase and fix it herself as she starts loving it.

That’s a sweet spot you would hit when you give it enough time.

It goes well with most of the hotwheels cars and Thomas train sets.

You also get a similar one in Ikea. No personal reviews for IKEA one.

3. This assorted cooking set.

Pick them from anyplace you find it from.

Road side shops, front of the temples or even look for those tiny stuff from your kitchen.

Did you know #prestige sells its miniature cooker version just for pretend play ?

4. Cardboard boxes

5. Cars

6. Figurines.

You can also read this separate post about where to buy these figurines from

7. Stuffed Dolls

8. Playdough Sets

9. Blocks

10. Rainbow Stacker

It is more of a stem toy, but guess how much of pretend play can happen with this . You will be surprised 😉

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