Our Top 9 toys of 2020

Hello nice people ..

I am listing my favt toy buys of this here.

If you know us well, you know that we have surplus of toys.

That is because of the nature of my job(influencer+ toy consultant+toy person) and my children are 3-7 years old in that wonderful phase of we-will-play-with-all-the-toys-we-have.

I do my job here to play, test and rate them so you can find the right ones for your little one and put your money in the right place .

That way you don’t waste them on toys your children will never play at all. Hard earned money, I know .

So presenting my top 9 favts this year

1. Epic loop challenge

2. Owl balance

3. Geo animo blocks

4. Clever cubes get set go(board game for toddlers)

5. Creative strip puzzle

6. Frank my first world map

7. Explore toys chemistry set

8. Country snap cards

9. Cluedo board game

I do have some more favorites that I wanted to add , but I am keeping this one crisp and easy to choose.

Please let me know what was your favorite buy this year, I am eager to know

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