Tip ip Dig Dig- Toddler Reads

How can a simple book be so interesting for a toddler? How does it become an instant favorite?

Why does your toddler want to read it a million times and yet never be bored?

Well, we might not have all the answers.  But we could sit together and read that book till it bores the adult to death.

Tip Tip, Dig Dig – is one of it.

What we love?

  1. The colors and illustrations.
  2. Makes read aloud interactive and interesting. The words are repetitive and the toddler singsongs it 😊
  3. We do it with actions which makes it even more fun 😊 Roll, roll, roll and we are literally moving our hands in action.
  4. A short read,which makes it less bearable for the adult to read it another zillion times 😊

Okay, now back to reading it one more time before I call it a day 😊, I hope

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