Tearing Books- How to Approach?

My house is full of books. Not exaggerating.

Likewise if there is one area where minimalism has failed for me- then it is books.

I think there is nothing like ‘too many books’ and you can never be well read.

And it is only natural for my children to love books in this setup.

I always thought my younger one will not take into books as easily as my first born. Because he is more like a playground-person.

That was until we added a certain book to his collection. Keep guessing. I will share the title’s name at the end of this post 😊

However only 3 out of 200-300 books(easily) must have been torn. And he handles paperbacks like a king. No tears anymore.

And yes children do tear paper.

Yes, you can’t skip that phase. And that is how they learn natural consequences- that paper WILL tear if not handled gently. And also because they are KIDS.

But today I would like to share what worked out for me -for both my children and what I have always suggested to my customers who had shopped books with us.

1. Start with paperbacks. Well this might sound a bit corny. But the more paperbacks you read, the lesser the wrath your books will face. You can very well start with paperbacks as young as 3 months during tummy time.

2. Show how fingertip page turning works. Show your little one how to turn the pages gently. Children model our behavior and one day you are sure to be surprised. That is for sure.

3. Okay now that a book is torn- what do you do? Well we have our friend- cello tape. Show your little one how to mend the tear. And read the book even after that. On another note, that is how children get to know that the content of the book is more important than the condition of the book. And that is a prime reason why people still love old libraries 😊

4. And my last bonus pointer is to keep reading. Don’t let a couple of tears deject your reading habit.

And here is the booked which made my boy to be a reader 🙂

Now tell me about your little one? Does she/he like to read? Does he/she rip the pages off? How did/do you handle that phase? Or do you stick to board books? Tell me, I am all ears.

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  1. Shri says


    Nice read. I was pretty worried when my daughter who is 18 months old now was at her peak of the ripping phase. It has gotten a little better now I must say. I keep saying “gentle with your books” sometimes we even give mwah to our books if it gets too out of control I used to put the books away for few weeks

  2. Alice says


    Hi trying to mend the tear with the child and continue reading seems truly a good perspective… But what can I do if my one and half year old rips down his first library of board books… Do add some useful tips to handle it…

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