Tantrums and Firm Boundaries

A couple of things to remember about tantrums

  1. Tantrums are healthy. It is developmentally appropriate.
  2. Gentle parenting is not permissive parenting. It is not about saying yes all the time.
  3. Boundaries are needed. Children need consistency and certain rules like a safe anchor in a storming sea.
  4. They look for a stable adult. Even if you say no and hold your grounds. You are their safe anchor.
  5. Not rationalizing or making logical explanations at the moment. Teachable moments come later when calm.

Now –
1. Allowing feelings. Aka being okay with temper tantrums
2. Acknowledging feelings. I know you are disappointed that you don’t get tv for breakfast
3. Sitting in the discomfort – You can’t hit me. But I am here if you need me.
4. Allowing connection through other ways. Here we are playing a little ziggy Zaggy .And then talking about it

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