Squeeze a Bottle-Prewriting Skill

Whaaaat ?.

Something as simple as squeezing a bottle is a prewriting skill ? .

That was my reaction when I first read it. .

That was like 3 years ago. My son is 5 years now and hasn’t been introduced to writing yet. .

But we decided to take up slow. Let him enjoy his childhood for a few more days before he jumped the alphabets and numbers bandwagon. .

Meanwhile, we have been focusing on prewriting skills as much as possible. .

I don’t miss any opportunity to offer  squeezing a bottle, tearing paper bit, scrunching paper, using spray bottles, kneading playdough etc. .

That way when he is ready to write at 5 or 6 years, he would ace it beautifully. .

Would you like to know more about simple prewriting skills which we can offer our children ?  Things which we have done in the past and what we have loved ? .

And also let me know what you think about not rushing to read and write ?

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