Sensory Bin- How to handle the mess?

I am so glad that many of you have been trying out sensory bins with your little ones. .
💚Remember I told you that I wouldn’t stop until I convince you 100% about this. .
💚I have been receiving questions about- “ How to handle the mess”? “My Child eats from the sensory bin”? etc.
💚Well, lets face it. That is how your first sensory bin is going to be like. .
💚I am sure most of the Baby Led Weaning parents will totally get it. .
💚The first few months are messy and looks impossible. Sometimes the mess will want you to quit the whole BLW approach and pick that spoon and feed your baby. .
💚But hang in there. Good News-  It gets better with each play 😊 .

Here are some tips to make it easy.
💚1. Use that trusted bedsheet under your bin. It is going to make your mess clean up easier*100 times. .

💚2.Use materials which are easier to clean. I am sure those rainbow rice looks tempting. But hold it on for a while. Use bigger materials like soya chunks,Pom poms, sensory bottles and sensory fabrics. One step at a time. .

💚3. And about children who like to taste it- try something simple as ice cubes, javarisi(sabudana). Personally, I wouldn’t like to mix food with play for my children, neither have I tried it. But I guess a few tubs like this shouldn’t stop you.
💚4. Finally and most importantly- keep insisting. Keep showing them how to play within the bedsheet -that will be their work space. Keep insisting that it isn’t supposed to be eaten but to be played with.
💚5. And if nothing else works, don’t think twice to remove the bin. It is the same approach we use in our Montessori shelves as well. Offer it after a while or after few days. .

💚6. Whatsoever, don’t lose hope 😉 Trust me when I say this- SENSORY PLAY IS THE BEST PLAY EVER. . . .

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