Hey Thank you for being here and trusting my recommendations and taking my word for it. Now, what you see below is a carefully curated list which has all the recommended products in one place making it easy for you to choose from. Choose wise, choose best and mainly choose right with Mel. Happy Learning .

1-3 years is such a lovely age where children are curious, inquisitive and start appreciating the ideas of play. Present them with the best of the toys and see them fall in love with playtime .

Officially a kindergartner, they are getting to be more independent in their playtime and we give them the ones which helps them with exactly that. Our focus goes into working on their motor skills and this list will help you with that.

Oh, the school age – and we need something more fun yet equally challenging for them to play at home. This list has it all.

I am keeping this list short. I hope there is something here for each child to pick in this age group.

I have added a few which are fun enough to play along with other children or adults at home. Hello, bonding time? And also materials like origami, which one can play while they unwind after their school day or screen time.

Uff… the baby years. Everything the child sees, is fascinating enough for them. That brings us to the question- do babies really need toys ? I say, give them the purposeful ones which stimulate yet not overstimulate them. A tricky spot, I know. That is why I have done all the background work for you to choose easily.

There is no better time to start reading a book to your child than now. This short and crisp list is a sure shot winner.

Oh! the plethora of choices here. I hope you pick as many books as possible from this list.

If you know me well, you know me for my book suggestions. You now have a list here.

When I added books to this list, I had both fluent and reluctant readers in mind. My focus is on wonderful plots, good vocabulary and relatable concepts. Hope you find a book of your choice here.

Children need movement, especially during this pandemic time. Have listed a few, which might come in handy when you get to choose.

Board and card games scream bonding time to me. Pick them up and start enjoying playtime with your children.

I love ready to go homeschooling kits which has everything needed to support learning at home. You can never go wrong with these kits.

Want to start with art or need to add a few more supplies to your existing kit? I have you covered here.

By now, you know how beneficial open ended toys are. Have listed the tried and tested ones which we have used over the years in the below list.

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