What does a preschooler learn by doing activities?

As much as I like doing activities with my toddler, I love to see my preschooler work.

It is so therapeutic to watch him collect his thoughts and see them materialize. 🙂
Big words, I know 😉
When I saw this Galaxy in the bottle from an instagram account, I knew my son would love it.
I showed it to him and as expected he wanted to do it.
On the surface it might look like just stuffing cotton inside coloured water.
But there is much more to it.
He had me read the instructions for him.
We made a paper list together.
He read and collected the materials from his shelves. He asked his dad for help.
He watched a YouTube video of this tutorial before he started. You can totally skip this step 🙂
And then he got into action.
Somewhere in the process he figured out that the colours were mixing and giving it a dirty brown look.
Well thats when his problem solving brain cells kicked in. He decided to stop and just go with one colour 🙂
Honestly, if I were him I wouldn’t have paused to think and reflect.
At this point, I didn’t care of how it turned out to be. I was amused that he could execute his plans with very little help from us.
We then looked out for a perfect spot for this bottle in our home,safe from his little brother’s reach.
I might seem like bragging here.
But isn’t that we want from our kids?
To learn problem solving skills,seek help when needed, have presence of mind and foresee things which might happen ? 
One little project at a time, let’s equip our kids to face the world. Are you in with me on this ?

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