Prepared Environment at Home for a Montessori Toddler

💚Imagine that you are a toddler and you have to depend on your parent for every little thing.

💚Like getting a glass of water, asking for your shoes, or picking up your own book . .

💚Sounds intimidating ?.

💚Okay, now add to that lack of language skills and your struggle to explain your needs in words. Sounds like a nightmare isn’t it ?

💚That is one of the reasons children especially toddlers get frustrated easily which in turn reflects as tantrums.

💚What can we do as parents ? – Well, make it easy for your toddler by setting up a prepared environment.

💚It helps in giving those tiny little people a space to be independent and access to it freely.
💚They don’t need an adult to help them with few things if not for all.

💚How much joy could that bring for a toddler? We will talk about controlled environment and freedom with boundaries in our future posts.

💚For now comment your thoughts below. And we will discuss to make our homes a better and happy place for our little sweethearts 😍

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