Pratham Book Recommendations for All Ages

Pratham books has countless number of books and sometimes it might be too tiring and time consuming  to go through the entire list and place your order.

Well to make things easy for you, I have read the current printed copies and selected the best ones for you according to the reading levels.

Please feel free to use the list and also share with your friends

They come in unbelievable prices and is a good place to build your book stash.

You can find the below titles from any seller who deals with the publication.

If you are a book retailer who has these titles, then please mention in the comments for our readers to know.

For Level 1: For toddlers

  1. Animal Homes

Did you hear?

Food monster

Have you seen sundari?

Incredible Insects: A Counting Book

Too Big! Too Small!

Watch Out! The Tiger Is Here!

Wet or Dry

Who Ate All That Up?

Wild Cat! Wild Cat!

Level 2: For 2-4 years

Ammachi’s Amazing Machines

Amma’s Toolkit

Annual Haircut Day(Sringeri Srinivas series)

Avani And The Pea Plant


Cube Cat Cone Cat

Hungry on the Steps

My City My Dogs

MY CITY, MY DOGS – Funky Rainbow

Sringeri Srinivas Cow Must Moo

Sringeri Srinivas Cow Must MooStick Your Tongue Out!

The Adventures of Akara and Linio

The Magic Block

Too Much Noise

Vayu The Wind

What’s Neema Eating Today

The Scavenger Hunt

Rainbow Girls and Rainbow Boys

Level 3: For 5-7 years

How Far Is Far?

Maths At The Mela

Let’s Make Some Lime Juice!

One Three Five  Help

This is How You Count Eggs

I Spy

Pranav the Pattern Detective

Kalpana’s Cycle

Dipa Karmakar-in Perfect Balance

The Laddoo Code

The Seed Savers

The Tale Of The Toilet

Level 4: For 7 years and above

Cracking the Code: Women Who Have Changed the Way We Look at Computers

Cracking the Code: Women Who Have Changed the Way We Look at Computers | Free Kids Books

Creatures of Old

How Pintu Found Pi

Sir M.Visvesvaraya: The BuilderOf Dams bridges And A Nation

The Girl Who Thinks in Numbers: Data Warrior Prukalpa Sankar

If you like this list or if you are benefited from this list, please let me know for your comment will put a smile on my face 🙂

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