Potato Painting

Hola, how are you all? I am at my parents place and internet here is a rare thing. I plan to be here for next ten days and I don’t want my blog to go on a snooze mode again. So, I dug up few pictures on my camera to share with you all.

On a rainy day, me and my lil Jing Jaang did his all time favorite and much loved activity.

Yup, we painted. I had these insects which he already recognizes and I thought we would sketch and paint them. I must have been joking in my head for I am really pathetic when it comes to drawing and my lil one is too little to even draw a straight line. And your mighty(me) came with a brilliant idea, to do pattern painting. 🙂 I painted the background for him and let him paint the rest.

I held his hand to draw those strokes on the honey bee and lil one was annoyed since I didn’t let him do it himself.

So, I painted a red background for the ladybug and gave him a potato to put those black spots and yayyy it was super easy for him.

And then, I gave him a plain white sheet and ear buds(dipped in black paint) to replicate the ants and he did it. 🙂 For the next two days, I kept bragging about this to everyone who visited us 🙂


Why don’t you guys share your lil ones art work here? I am sure you are proud mommy too 🙂

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