Parenting is not easy and is montessori the solution?

What a life it was before I had a baby? Carefree and happiness abound. After baby? From the moment my lil Jing Jang was born the focus has shifted mainly to him and of course, the happiness has multiplied folds.

Nope, parenting is not easy. There are moments were you would simply want to let everything be and walk away, moments when all you need is five minutes away from your toddler to have a hot cup of coffee. On thinking, my lil one knows me well than anyone else. He exactly knows what buttons to push to lose my cool or do a small thing to bring a smile on my face.

But, I wish the lil one came with a parenting manual. Like the doctor would hand over a manual when you find out your pregnancy and another manual when you take your lil one home from hospital.Ahh, I wish!!

Good News!! This Montessori approach is more like the manual. Will talk about it more in the coming posts 🙂

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