Painting on Ice cubes

If ice cubes were a product and if it isn’t already, I would be it’s brand ambassador. We are true fans of icecubes and it has become a regular part of our learning. .

I had a different plan for the sensory post today, but hey who was I kidding? My children had their own plans too .
So there it goes. A throwback to our ice cube painting which you can totally whip off in a minute. .
We used our home made paint (refer previous post). Because it had salt in it, the ice cubes melted in a jiffy. And there was a small science lesson for my 5 year old. .
The younger one couldn’t care less about the salt, it was a delight for him because he had unlimited paint access for the first time. He had that ” is that all for me, are you sure?” kind of a grin on his face. .


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