One to one Correspondence Pre-Math Activities for Toddlers

“One for mom, one for dad and one for you”. Rings a bell? Yup, that is you teaching One-to-one correspondence,a pre-math skill with your toddler unintentionally 🙂

This one to one correspondence, a basic math skill is often taken for granted. But this lays one of the strongest foundations on which your toddler would be laying huge constructions in the later years.

This skill is learnt even before they learn to count. Your toddler is already doing rote counting? Then it is time to start with this activity.

What exactly is one to one correspondence?

It is the knack of matching objects with the corresponding number.

Like: one ball in one muffin holder

“Mama is going to give you two crackers, one, and two”

So how do you do it?

Pick one item and put them in one place reserved for it.

Give them ample opportunities to practice.

What should you keep in your mind?

You should say the number loud while you put in things/ touch them.

Have/stock exactly the same number of things. Eg: Exactly 12 marbles in 12 muffin holders

Start with bigger easy to hold objects and then move onto smaller objects

Tray Examples:

Jewel Beads on Appe pan

His cars on idli pan

Beads on Ice Tray

He had to serve one sweet for Papa bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear. One spoon each

Transfer eggs from one side to another. You could give in hard boiled eggs to avoid mess.

Frog Miniatures on Frog Pictures


Hand grasp to pincer grasp, using tongs, tweezers, spoons /ladles.

Montessori Knobbed cylinders are perfect for this.

Recommended Printables:

From Measured Mom

So how do you practice this skill with your clever cookie? Share them on the comments here.

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