How to make Reading fun?

Two days back I took over LORM stories on Instagram and I happened to share our book love in there.⁣

And the most common questions asked were” My child won’t read” or “How do I make my child read?” “My children aren’t interested in books, what can I do?”⁣

I get it – we all need our children to be readers. ⁣

We bookmark those beautiful books, buy it with excitement and we try to read it to them. ⁣

But what happens when the child shows zero interest?⁣

Does it mean that it is a bad book? ⁣

Or does it mean that your child is not a reader? Or is it time to give up?⁣

I don’t want you to give up. We still have hope 🙂

I am sharing some of my super duper tried and tested tips to make your little one a reader. ⁣

1. Pick a short book that will finish off in minutes.

2. Every child has a fascination – your child will have one too. That would be dinosaurs, cars, unicorns or even their favourite cartoon character. Make sure you get an age appropriate book

3. Read aloud when your children are coloring or when playing with a car.

Some children can’t sit to read and that is okay.

4. Introduce Bob books. The initial set of pre reading books are quick, short and fun.

5. Use props along with your books.

Most of Julia Donaldson character printables are free to download. Paste them on an ice cream stick and you are good to gol See previous post)

6. Pick silly books that will make them laugh like ” The book with no Pictures”, Sringeri Srinivas from Pratham etc

7. Make read aloud a regular affair. One book before bedtime can be your new mantra. And let them pick a book of their choice. Initially, it sounds like a chore but it is like driving, more you do the easier it becomes.

8. Make that tent. Check out @chroniclesofmama for her tent posts. So desi and easy to make. You can also get inside, cuddle and start reading

4. Introduce audio books. @easymommylife shared a list of Spotify podcast. Just turn the pages as the story progresses.

10. Combine art with books. Check out @footloosemama’s posts to see how brilliantly she does that

II. Let them free. Some children start reading for pleasure later in their life. I started when I was in grade II.

I picked Mills n boons and then went on to read Jane Austen and Enid Blyton In reverse

So trust them

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