Giveaway Contest Announcement

The best giveaway is round the corner.

Hello Awesome moms!!!

Little Fingers at Work is hosting its first ever giveaway. A bigggg time giveaway!!! Could be the best one you would get to see in a long time from the internet world.

What do you get?

Nope… Not Printables.

But you get awesome hands-on learning materials which are carefully handpicked by yours truly.

Why should you be part of this giveaway?

Because the giveaway products are so irresistible that you can’t let it go. And hey, shipping is free too if you are here in India.

There would not be just one or two winners, but 10 of you. So, your probability of winning is even higher.

These are all child sized, having the little fingers in mind. Some of them are not so easy to be found in the market and I am making things easy for you 🙂

Again, what do you get to win?

10 lucky moms will get any one item (random choice of gift) from the below list.

1.This cute little ceramic creamer set for all your pouring works.

2.This cheery yellow sorting plate to make sorting easier and even more fun to do 🙂

3.Child sized mini grater and toddlers first knife for your little chef 🙂

4.Wooden Tangrams Set to make houses, ships or anything they could think of.

5.A paint brush kit which has 15 types of brushes. Let’s get their artistic masterpieces ready 🙂

6.Child Safe Cookie Cutters which could be used to bake cookies or simply play with play dough 🙂

7.Sugar tong and a squeeze bottle which are perfect for small hands. The sugar tongs could be used for transferring works. Squeeze bottles could be used for jam/ sauce spreading or even to squeeze paint.

8.A milk jar which could be used to pour his own milk or water to his cup.

9.Small sized rolling pin. Did you know that it is an awesome pre-writing work?

10.Amazon gift voucher worth 200 which you can use to buy books. 🙂

What if you are not the lucky one?

Don’t worry. I have something else which is equally exciting. 🙂

I would mail you an awesome set of printable list which you could download from the respective blogs.

Yup, an exclusive list from the best bloggers out there.

What should you do?

  1. Subscribe to this website which you find on the top of this page.
  2. Comment on any of your favorite post on this website(apart from this post)
  3. Let a comment here on this giveaway post stating serial order number and your name. So, that it is easy for me to track.

Eg:          1.Melani

2. Kalapana

3. Ramya

4. Share this giveaway post link( share buttons below) on your Facebook profile wall or in a relevant group.

5. Tag at least three of your friends/moms to that post you share.

6.Finally follow our  Facebook, Pinterest and Youtube   account.

Other Pointers:

  1. The winners would be declared on March 4th 2016.
  2. The winners should acknowledge to my mail within 72 hours of declaring and send me their postal address. Failing which, a new winner would be selected.
  3. Upon receiving the goods, post a picture on this Facebook page or tell me if your little one likes it.

What are you waiting for? Gear up and be part of this awesome giveaway  🙂



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