Learning Primary Colors – Montessori Inspired Red Treasure Basket

You must have read about the treasure baskets in my previous post. Did you try them at home? Or you didn’t get to read about it? Then read it here.

This treasure basket is usually a hit in my house and I start with it for introducing new concepts.

When trying to choose objects for your lil one, keep in mind his current interests and have them included in the basket. At present my lil Jing Jaang is learning shapes and recognizing numbers, hence the red circle, pentagon, square and the number ‘3’.The red spoons and bowl were kept open ended for him to decide what he wanted to do with it.

Mission accomplished. He undoubtedly knows red now 🙂

P.S: While I wrote this, I couldn’t stop thinking about Red– a powerful character from Orange is the New Black. If you haven’t read the book or watched the play, then I suggest you give it a shot. 🙂

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