Learning about Indian States- Geography Resources

I wanted to share about our materials we use for our ‘Indian States ‘unit study.

We have a very limited collection, but absolutely love all of it.

  1. We started with our states puzzle from  Imagimake ‘Mapology”. We learnt just about the placements and size proportions of the states.
  2. We use this cardboard puzzle and it is super helpful to learn about its capital, language, state animal and other details. Again, one state at a time.
  3. We then got individual books focusing on one state at a time. This one is ideally recommended for 6 years and above. We take the relatable information and skim through the rest And more activity pages for 6 and above.Each time we read this book, we learn new facts. I can see that this book will stay with us for a looonnng time to come. Priced at Rs.117each , its a treasure.

We also got this ‘Good Night Rajasthan” for my toddler (the board book version with little text) but it is going to wait for him because at this moment- Rajasthan seems like an abstract concept to him 😉

And this wonderful resource about Amazing India- a state by state guide. This book is adorbs. It is a text heavy book. But there are enough illustrations which will make your preschooler curious enough to kick start those long conversations. And the facts are so relatable- like mentioning Rajinikanth in Tamilnadu. Who doesn’t like super star? I digress. My point being, you need this book at home 🙂

Sometimes we get carried away and focus more on learning about other countries, continents and space facts. But India by itself is so interesting to study about and not to be missed. The diversity, the culture, the festivals, the colours – everything about India is beautiful. And our children need to travel to experience its richness. If travel isn’t possible, at least these books should kick in their love for travelling.


I will share my other geography resources in a separate post for tomorrow. For now- like, comment and bookmark this post 😊

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