9 keys of our learning and why you should have a list too!!

There have been days when I had lost focus on our learning methods.

There are bad days, then there are other things that take priority or simply I am tired and I drop my focus & forget my goals.

I did write my parenting goals for 2017 on my blog and stuck to it dearly for that whole year.

And here it is, my ‘Keys of our Learning’ to look into when I need some help.

I think you should do this to. You might have chosen to home-school or would send your child to a school of your choice, or you could be still on the fence deciding which path to choose.

No matter what we have decided, we need this.

So, let’s get it going

1.Nature/Outdoor– Charlotte Mason profoundly said “We are all meant to be Naturalists each in its degree”. I didn’t accept this whole heartedly until my son played with a twig for long hours. We make it a point to step down to the park daily. But I wish in the coming days we spend more time outside. I have a few ideas, if you happen to be here in Chennai, let us catchup. We can start with the Pallikarnai marsh land.What say?

2.Field Trips- We did visit the lighthouse over the weekend and figured that more could be learnt in a day spent outdoors, than in a week’s learning in the classroom. Again, if we are a small community, I can write to the concerned and make it happen. Ping me in the comments and I will add you to our WhatsApp community.

3.Books and Bookish Play: My plan is to focus on one book per week and learn more about the subject discussed in the book. I know we have done it in the past, but I like to do it diligently. Hence a self -reminder.

4.Art: For a non-crafter like me, struggle is the operative word in this space. I hope to find an art class my son can attend. As for the younger one, I’d like to invest more on the craft supplies and involve him in a lot of creative art. You’ll never know there could be masterpieces waiting to be created by those little fingers J. For now I have a small Art wall@ home to start my day with some splash of colors.


5.Life skills- This could be something as simple as making their own breakfast or learning to fish(the advantage I had as a kid living along the coastal area) or fixing our own punctured wheel. I’d like my kids to learn the basics and be self-sufficient. I always thought what is the point in me learning to fish until I watched ‘Lost’. Those stranded people survived on fish ( I didn’t quite figure out the ending of LOST, that is for another day to discuss)

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6.Sensory learning- I used to do this two years back until I couldn’t handle the mess. I’d like to rebuild my sensory trays. I will keep you updated on that.


7.Pre-reading and Prewriting– More emphasis on this part.

8.Science Not just learning the facts but some hands-on learning.

9.Meeting People- This should have been my topmost in the list. Nevertheless, I’d like to meet like-minded folks and our kids can be friends. Socializing skills to the point

Now, you tell me what your keys look like? What do you like to focus in the coming days?

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