How to Introduce Puzzles to Toddlers?

How to Introduce Puzzles to Toddlers? – Our way of doing it.

You know puzzles are good, but have no idea which one to pick from the umpteen options amazon shows?

Are you clueless on how to introduce puzzles to your little toddler?

I was once there too and I needed help in picking up the right ones for my little peanut 🙂

Did you know that puzzles help the child in so many aspects from logical thinking, hand eye coordination, decision making skills, grasping skills, pincer grasp and most of all PATIENCE ?

So, we as parents have a huge responsibility of introducing the appropriate ones, easy yet challenging enough for the child’s age.

When I decided to introduce jigsaw puzzles to my boy- we started with this 9 piece jigsaw puzzle which is like a copy puzzle.

I call it a copy puzzle because it has the same image below and the little peanut has to match each piece with its objects.

On the first day, he and I sat through as we spoke  about various objects we found in the picture and matched with the jigsaw pieces.

Once he cracked the way of doing it, we finished another 4 different picture puzzles in one go 🙂

This morning we revisited our first puzzles and I thought I should share our puzzle journey with you guys. And my search for complex puzzles began from here. 🙂


P.S: It is okay if your little candy doesn’t get to crack his first puzzle in the first go. In that case, pull it back from the play shelf and introduce later 🙂

In my next post in this series, I will share my best puzzle finds from Indian stores.

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