How to save money?

How do you save money?

Now that I have your attention πŸ™ˆ, the post should have been titled how to save money with children around.

Initially I wanted to write about how to earn money, but this will be good to start with.

1. Buy with a resale value in mind. Especially with children , they will always grow out of it. Literally and figuratively πŸ’ when you sell it you can give it for 50% off your buying cost.

2. Sell before you buy. Thay way you would become more mindful of every new purchase that comes in. And you have half the money already from your current sells.

3. Combine your spend money with your save money. When you do that you will tend to save more than spend.

4. Teach children to value their toys and books and tell them that you would sell them in the future to buy new ones later. They would start making sure they look for all the missing pieces of their toy.

5. Use coupons and look for blogger deals. If a brand doesn’t have it out in the open, ping them and ask for itπŸ™Š
It usually works. . shhhh. . . Don’t tell them I told you this πŸ™ˆ

6. Be a part of Facebook sale groups, most of my best scores have been from there. The links are up on my blog post.

7. Buy the right toys and books. That way when you spend you spend it on the right ones.

8. Add products to your wishlist and wait for the price to fall.

9. Teach your children the value of money. I will cover this seperately.

You tell me. What is your favorite saving idea when it comes to children? Food energy, sustainability, clothes. Spill all your ideas πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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