Hi- Lo Books for Reluctant Readers

Like JK Rowling once said “If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.”

Do you agree with me on this?

So when my 6-year-old neighbor friend wanted to read, my pursuit to find a good book for him began. I sincerely wanted to help this kid.

When I gave him beginners level book, the content was not engaging for him. Obviously, I have given him the wrong set of books.  More damage done.

But I dint want to lose heart and looked for help online only to know about Hi-Low books.

Hi-Low books are High Interest/Low Reading books for struggling or beginner readers. They help with the vocabulary, creating interest in books and more importantly helps with the habit of reading regularly.

In other words, these are books on the same topics that their age group are reading, but on a low reading level. 

They are usually with little text and more illustration. But they have an interesting story line keeping them hooked all along. Also they have repetitive words to make it easier. For eg: the word ordinary comes at 5 different pages.

I looked for books with strong protagonists as well to which they can relate to. The books that I have chosen have brilliant illustrations for the reader to discover during repetitive reads. Bonus point: A good takeaway or final impressions to take from the book.



And that is how I picked these books for him. We now have a New reader in our neighborhood. Cheers to Hi-Low books. Glad I was able to help 🙂

So, if your little one is not interested in books- then don’t lose heart. Keep these pointers when you shortlist your books to be added to your bookshelf.

There is always a right book for your child, waiting to be picked 😊

Just to add, these books are also beautiful story books for ages 3 and above.

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