Have a preschooler at home?

Let’s talk about  the pressure we put on our children.

When I started with yoga therapy course in my college, I was surprised to know that children too like adults are stressed. And that they need yoga as a therapy to ease them out. True story.

I wanted to research on it and I understood that it is very common and starts early. Really early.


In one of the Charlotte Mason’s book I read about 3 reasons why children are stressed out.

  1. They have too much stuff. The clutter leads to mental and physical fatigue.
  2. They have information overload. Too many information stuffed into their heads. In schools and at home.
  3. Too busy a schedule.

Preschoolers(3-6 years) are the most vulnerable here.

There is insane pressure we put on them.

We want them to read. We satart wit phonics🙈

We want them to sit still for an activity.

We want to give them all the sensory experience

The school homeworks

Now the online classes 🙈

We want them to be the best kid out there in the school, in the park.

We want them to adjust to their new school and new routine. . Phew.

Instead Charlotte suggests that we give them a quiet growing time.

So as parents what can we practically do?

  1. Teach them good thinking and behaving habits.
  2. Nourishing their minds with good thoughts and ideas.

Like Teaching them to put back their toys before they take another one( Montessori)

Not packing their days with back to back activities and classes.

Not rushing them up while they work on their independence ( Montessori again)

Teaching them to observe- the ants,the butterflies,the aeroplanes/kites in the sky, the tiny details in the books

By giving them more free time than screentime and activity time.

Teaching them to pray or doing and thinking good.

Overall giving them the time to grow.

I understand that most of us here have preschoolers here . Let us all give our preschoolers a quiet growing time.

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