The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein Book Review

The Giving Tree
Unconditional love!!
When I was a little girl, I heard this story for the first time in a church sermon along with my dad. And I remember my dad telling me the same story one night.
But he told me something more to the story I heard. He told me that parents would give everything they have to their kids without expecting anything back in return just to see their kids happy.
It didn’t make much sense to me then. But years later, I can understand every bit of what he said.
And that is what they call, unconditional love.
When I came across this title on Amazon book suggestions, I couldn’t resist from adding it to my cart. I knew my lil boy is only three years old and he cannot really understand the crux of the story. I still ordered this to be reminded of how not to be like the little boy and how to give like the apple tree.
The book cover has a small boy trying to catch the red apple falling from the tree 🙂
The insides of the book and the illustrations are black and white with few words on each page.
I read this book while I was alone, realized one cannot make it to the last page without becoming emotional and be reminded of certain people in your life.
I would suggest this book for 4 years and above who would like to read about compassion, love and acceptance.
Happy reading 🙂

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