Expensive but good books

Some books are expensive.

Way too expensive that you reconsider buying it for about 100 times.

You add them to your cart and wait for the price to hit low.

Or you start looking for preloved options and wait endlessly for you to spot the book and then buy it.

I have been there and have finally shopped these EXPENSIVE books on special occasions like birthdays and Christmas.

So I have spent my money on a small number of books and have shortlisted the best of it here for you to carefully put your money in.

These books have been on our bookshelf for more than a few months or years now and I can say that they are very much enjoyed even after multiple reads.

So go ahead and add them to your wishlist.

When you do, make sure to tag me so I get to know about it 😉

For now, bookmark this post 😊

  1. Nature & Farm Anatomy— Ages- 4 and above .Please scroll down a bit further to read the reviews.
  1. Walk with Vanessa- Ages 4 and above. Please scroll down to read the reviews.
  1. Usborne see inside your body. Ages 5 and above.
  1. A bare bear: a book of words that sound the same. Ages 5 and up . This is two introduce phonemes.
  1. Animalium- Ages 2 and above. My toddler spots and names the animals. My 5-year-old reads about them in detail.

The series also has some other lovely topics like Botanicum and Maps of which I have heard only good things. In fact, I am waiting for my Botanicum copy as we speak 😊

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