Easy Homemade Edible Paint

If you have a toddler like mine, who when given a paint set either mixes all the colours together or uses generous amounts of it ?.
My paint set costs me close to Rs.225. I love my paint set for its creamy texture, definitely don’t have the heart to see it emptied this soon. I faint .
So the search for affordable creamy paint began. I couldn’t find any on amazon  The solution to it was at home. Wondering what that could be .
Here is my pantry to paint recipe.

✔️1 part rice flour (I think you can basically use any flour).

✔️1 part salt.

✔️1 part water. Feel free to use it how you want .

✔️Food color, as much color as your toddler wishes .
I am hoping the salt keeps it safe for a couple of days. Even otherwise I am happy with how it turned out to be. .
And hey, the grainy texture is beautiful on our black chart. Don’t you agree?.
Also I think it is super cool for babies below one. What say ?.
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