DIY Montessori Sandpaper Numbers

Lately we have been focusing more on pre-math activities.

After One to one correspondence activities, we moved on to Sandpaper Numbers.

You can choose to make your own sandpaper numbers or buy one from here Kido Toys Sandpaper Tracing Numbers

DIY sandpaper numbers are pretty easy to make and the materials needed don’t cost you a lot.

So, try your hands on here.

Why do we introduce sandpaper numbers?

For the child to know how the number symbols look like.

Also, in the later stage when the child sets to trace them, it prepares them for writing.

How are the sandpaper numbers presented?

We used three period lesson on this, and it worked like a charm.

How to make your version?

  1. Download your Number Printables from here.
  2. Cut the number symbols.
  3. Flip your sandpaper to the backside.
  4. Glue the numbers(Make sure you stick the outline facing the sandpaper)
  5. Cut the sandpaper numbers.
  6. Stick them onto the green cards.

If you plan or make these sandpaper numbers , let me know how it goes. I am always there to help 🙂

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