Coding Skills are LifeSkills

Is coding limited to computers?s coding limited to computers?

Let’s face it.

Some corporates in India, has made coding a business targeted for young children.

As much as a tech person I am, I am deeply aware of what technology can do to our children- the good and the bad.

I will not completely take all it offers or avoid it and make it a forbidden fruit.

Instead, I want to teach our children how to think to operate or design the technology.

The thing is that coding skills, math skills, critical and logical reasoning skills are intertwined.

And we need those skills- laptop or not.

1. Communication: Basically coding is giving instructions to the computer. You say and the machine listens. Can we call it precise communication skills?

2. Logical thinking: When presented with a problem, we break them down into smaller problems. This process is called decomposition. You need this even if your child is not going to touch a screen anytime in her life.

3. Seeing the bigger picture: You also learn to put small bits together to see a bigger picture.

4. Create: You come up with your own ideas to solve the said problem. You can also call it out of the box thinking which is one of the key entrepreneurial skills.

5. Problem solving skills: When you learn to code, you will realize that the first code you write may not always work. You figure out what went wrong and change ways before you try again.

6. Persistence: You do not give up. You learn to tweak, fix and run your code until it gives you the desired output

7. Satisfaction: You can be either a result oriented person or a process oriented person. Either ways, when you see your program run successfully you get that deep sense of satisfaction.

8. Team work: Though this comes in the later part of unplugged coding, you start realizing that each person has enough ideas and skills. And your end result is better when you work in teams with people who have different skills than you.

Can we call these life skills?

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