Our Tryst with Bridges- Types of Bridges and Bridge Building

Queens Hat has been one of our recent preferred reads. It is my husband’s favorite book as well…sshhhh

This book with simple illustrations take us through the city of London starting with the Buckingham Palace.


That is the whole blessing of books isn’t- to take you to a different world through its pages?

Yes. This book shows pictures of Big Ben, London Zoo, the underground, the London eye, Trafalgar Square, Tower Bridge.

The bridge got our attention. We quickly wanted to make few bridges with what we had available at home.

Also I like this website link which I took reference from.


Little D is not ready for the other complex bridge structures now. But we will never know when . But when he does, this Britannica website will be my go to page.

It is an imaginative narration of the Queen visiting the new addition to the Royal Family. A beautiful story telling in the simplest way and the best part – NO WORDs, the Queen’s Hat says it all.

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