Books that promote Kindness and Inclusion

Last night, there were DM’s about the books on Kindness and Inclusion after I mentioned it on the stories.

We all know that teaching them values is more important than emphasizing on academic skills. Not meaning to say it is any lesser.

Detailed posts on each book later. But for now, listing the books with age recommendations.

I Walk with Vanessa– wordless book for 4-6 years. Review on the feed below.

Last Stop on Market Street- 4 and above. It is again about anti-bias and simple subtle messages about different financial backgrounds. Apparently an award winner, but least of my favt in this bunch.

The Smartest Giant in the Town- 2-5 years. Or should I say ‘ The Kindest Giant ‘in the town.

Julian is a Mermaid– 5 and above. I went speechless when i first read it. I haven’t read this to my son yet. I will keep you updated on how it goes.

All are Welcome– – for 2 and above is more about diversity and inclusion. My toddler likes this book.

So, save this post. Also tell me what you think about about teaching values to our children.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

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