Book Review Series 1- Bedtime Picture Books

We have a huge bookshelf and it is a shame we haven’t spoken about all those wonderful books either in our website or on our Instagram page, yet!

It only made sense to have all our book reviews in one place, making  it easy for others to get a closer look at the books.

And that is the reason

How about we start with our favorite ones 😊

Time for Bed:

I am not really a fan of illustrated books which are dull in nature. And for some reason it doesn’t get my elder one’s attention either.

I went ahead and ordered this one when I was looking for more realistic bedtime reads.

It was an instant hit with my younger one.

Has there been any books which you were skeptical  to buy ,but it turned out be good when you got them?

I’d like to know 😊

Where from ? : Amazon

How Much…auen/?: Rs.237

For what age ? : 0-1 year

Should you buy?: Yes, if you have a baby and looking for a board book for bedtime read. Also it is Value for money

Bedtime Little Bear :

Mama bear calls out lil bear as it gets closer to bedtime. And little bear does not want to stop playing, doesn’t want to sleep either.

I am sure it sounds familiar 😉 Well , that is the story of my life too 😊

We love this book because it is a quick read and also it has some adorable autumn-like illustrations.

The story has a message to pass. Daddy bear can also read this book 🙂

Where from ? : Little Fingers at Work Books

For what age ? : 2-4 years

Should you buy?: Yes, if you are looking for a quick bedtime book which will not tire you even if you read multiple times.

A Goodnight Kind of Feeling :

There are some books which lift your spirit the moment you lay your eyes on them, this is one such book.

This book is written from a little boy’s perspective about his day to day events.  While reading the child would be able to relate to the narrative easily.

Where from ? : Little Fingers at Work Books

For what age ? : 1-3 years

Should you buy?: Only if you have a toddler and if you like bright illustrated bedtime books.

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