Best Netflix recommendations this year

When I saw Barack Obama’s 2020 watchlist, I had to immediately jump from my bed to my laptop and jot down my list.

Of course my list would be different from what an ex-president would watch.

After all , I am a desi- jazzagal who just stepped into her thirties (ahem ahem) who has a completely different taste when it comes to sitcoms and movies.

And I think my list is even better 🙂

I am including only Netflix watches here to keep it simple and not spend money on too many OTT plans.

Fun fact : I have had Netflix since 2013 even when the monthly charges were Rs. 650 per month. Sounds like day light robbery when I think of it;-) I pay 200 for a month now.

Anyways , lets go to the list .


  1. Schitts creek(please watch the first few epsiodes even if it is dragging, the characters grow on you)
  2. The crown(hooked)
  3. Lucifer
  4. The queens gambit
  5. Emily in Paris
  6. Masaba Masaba
  7. Good Girls(funny)
  8. The Fall (creepy)
  9. Broad church(murder mystery)
  10. Dynasty
  11. Working moms(funny and relatable)
  12. Sherlock
  13. Self Made


  1. Set it up
  2. Instant Family
  3. Wonder
  4. About time
  5. Enola Holmes
  6. Gunjan Saxena
  7. Varane Avashymaund(Malyalam)
  8. Kannum Kannum Kollaiadithal(tamil)
  9. Silu Karupatti(tamil)
  10. Ala Vaikunthapurramlo(Telugu. Slightly cringe)

Docuseries :

  1. Rotten
  2. The story of Diana
  3. The Speed cubers
  4. Indian Matchmaking
  5. History 101
  6. 100 humans
  7. Ugly Delicious(cooking)
  8. The creative Indians
  9. The toys that made us
  10. Somebody feed Phill(favt )
  11. Next in fashion

Talk Show:

  1. My next guest needs no introduction(must watch if you like talk shows)

I am hoping you will save this list and watch it when boredom or mundane hits you 🙂

Happy Netflixing 🙂

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