All that you need to do Activities at Home

You see an activity online, like it and you want to try it home. But you only have one problem- you don’t have the supplies handy.

You decide to the buy the supplies later in the week and then completely forget about it. It is our mom brain to blame 😊

I am listing a basic list of supplies that you can store at home.With this list, you will be able to cover atleast 5 out of 10 activities that you see online .

Trust me, most of the activities use the same stuff over and over again.

Before I go ahead with the list, I am going to ask you for a favor. When you buy this, please tag me on your Insta posts/stories or here in the blog comments. There is nothing on the internet that makes me cheerful as seeing your little ones play with the activities I suggest 😊

So here is the list


Kabeer art – 15 brushes,

Kabeer art paint,

Food colours,

Pom poms,

Icecream sticks

Measuring cup


Child safe scissors

Paper clips

Washi tapes

Craft paper Roll

A4 watercolour book



Clear glue

Craft glue



Corn starch


Salt exclusively for activities



Nuts bolts

Animal figurines/all types of figurines

Peg dolls

Tweezers/tongs/tea infusers

Dot stickers

Dishwasher soap

Rubber bands

Ear buds

Measuring cups

Muffin tray

Fishing net

Cream of tartar

Baking soda

Big bin

Big bowl

Good to have :

Play hammer

Silver foil

Tack it

Crepe paper

Contact paper

Icecube trays



Nice to have :

Various Playdough moulds

Rolling pin

ENO packets



Plaster of paris

Funskool abc/numeric stampers

Fridge Magnets

This isn’t a complete list. But it will get you started to quickly whip up a couple of activities. Once you get the hang of it, you can slowly start building your favts and tweak more based on your child’s interest.

What say? Will you buy them ? Also please have a look at my Amazon shop and buy from those links. Amazon shares a small percentage with me at no cost to you. So good Karma Points for you 😊

And don’t forget to tag me so that I could tag you in my stories 😊

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