What would it feel like if your kids listened the first time? Awesome, right? But let’s be honest for a minute. Raising kids is HARD work. They don’t always listen the first time. In fact, they might not listen the first time…a lot. The good news is it’s normal. The even better news is there are a lot of simple tools and strategies you can use to help your child regularly listen the first time. Grab your favorite drink and stick around for a bit to explore our best posts on raising kids…

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Easy Chapter Books

So your child now wants something beyond picture books? Enter-chapter books. The list has a curated collection- which is short to read, ...


Ready To Use Science Kits

A short and quick list of ready-to-use science kits, that you can use, homeschooling or not. Because they are fun, spike curiosity, and children learn ca ...


Top Funny Children’s Books

Children love silly books. That is no secret. ⁣⁣ And these books which tickle their funny bones become their frequent read - aloud. ⁣⁣ If you have a reluc ...


Coding 101 Logic

Let’s talk logic. What do you think? Is logic a life skill? First things first, what is a logic? Logic is understanding why certain things happen in a cer ...


Adults and children’s books

Why read children’s books as adults? Have you once read a children’s book and wondered aloud ‘Hey, this message is not just for children, It is also written ...

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