5 books below Rs.250 for most ages

5 books below Rs.250 for most ages

I have chosen these books on the basis of content, illustrations and fun factor or messages it delivers.

You guys take my word for it and add these to your reading list. Let’s dive into the list.

1. Wild animals mix and match book.

What fun book! 2 years or 7 years, you find them giggling while you turn the pages

2. What do they do with all the poo?

Can you say that poo is one of the funniest topics that we can talk about? Ahem ahem.. this one is even funnier with the facts straight up.

3. My little body book.

Such delicate topic written in a simple and understanding way for 2 year olds or make a lot of sense for a 7-year-old.

4. All are welcome.

A starter book to talk about inclusivity. There are many other books, but this one cuts the price.

5. Any of Julia Donaldson’s book.

Many of JD’s books fall under this price range. But if you ask me for specific titles, then I would suggest the squash and the squeeze, the smartest giant in the town, sharing the shell and the snail and the whale.

If you have any more suggestions, then mention it in the comments section and drop in a message if you like this post😍

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