Preschool math at home? How should you go about it?

Preschool math at home ? How should you go about it?

I am listing a sequence here which we have used in the past. Please use this sequence as a guideline.

You can start anywhere from this list and proceed as you see fit.

There are no hard and fast rules in what materials to use these with. Just go with the flow.

You can use the manipulatives that you already have at home. Math at home is easy peasy like that💁

Just remember to go slow and tweak it as much as you can to fit your child.

Here you go

Number Sense :

Rote counting/verbal counting

One to one correspondence

5 frame counting/

Counting upto 5 objects without a frame

10 frame counting

Counting upto 10 objects without a frame

Introducing number 0

Subsitizing(recognizing numbers without counting ) 1-10

Number recognition

Associating quantity with numbers- concrete to abstract

Identifying missing numbers

Comparing numbers by quantity


Comparing numbers by quantity(greater than ,lesser than, equal to)


Patterns-AB,abc,abcd and abb patterns

Replicating/duplicating these patterns, continuing/growing these patterns



Comparing basic shapes, sizes

Undertsanding positional words


Days of the week

Months/ seasons

Using non-standard units for measurement

Basic graph work

Sorting by sizes etc.

If you like this post, please wait for a detailed post where I show how to work on each segment in detail. Thank you.

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