When we walk around outside, Lil Jing Jaang has this strong curiousness to touch things and explore their textures. I thought, why not bring them to him. It took very little time to make with the random items I had at home. Took a cardboard paper and painted with some leftover paint. You can buy non-toxic acrylic for this.

DSCN0449I used a wooden coaster, a scrubber, soft pad that came with a camera I bought, a pumice stone from a broken pedicure handle, a metal ring, a pom pom ball, a stone, Velcro piece, sandpaper, a foam paper cut and a Christmas tree décor that was glittery. Just make sure they are stuck pretty well and don’t come apart when pulled. Because, pulling is the first thing my lil boy did.

I explained smooth, rough, poppy and wood when he touched each one of it. Would have been an awesome play during tummy time, but I made them a little late.

DSCN0426 DSCN0432

Nevertheless, he preferred them over other toys and went going back for it whenever he was tired of regular activities. And it is so good for the car drive 🙂