Toddlers in the Kitchen

Food makes my heart sing and Kitchen is my happy place. I also have my food blog here. I learnt to cook after I got married and became a regular cook once my little one turned 6 months old. We were following baby led weaning and since then I always cooked in front of an audience translation: little boy.

I did not have any help at that point in time and little one was always hanging around in the background watching me cook from a distance.

So yours truly decided to involve him in the kitchen and help me out. He cannot help me out a-z in the kitchen but there are some pretty awesome ways we could work together in harmony.

And yeah, there is loads of mess to clear later and a heavy sink to be cleaned- but the fun makes up to it.

This week we did not have any shelf activities, we instead focused only on our cooking and baking.
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Corn Peeling


Corn Peeling Kitchen Toddler Montessori

Egg Cracking

Toddlers in the kitchen activities

Egg Yolk Separating

Toddlers in the kitchen

Egg Whisking

Toddlers in the kitchen activities

Peas Peeling

Peas Peeling Montessori Practical Life

Cheese Foil Unwrapping

Kitchen activities for toddlers

Banana Chopping

Indian Kitchen toddler activities

Curry Leaves Picking

Montessori Kitchen Fine Motor

Paneer Chopping

Montessori Kitchen Toddlers

Grapes Washing

Montessori Practical Life activities kitchen

Loading the fridge after grocery shoppingToddlers in the kitchen activities (3)Leveling cracker crust for cheese cake

Toddler Kitchen montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

Peeling Orange Skin

Toddler Kitchen montessori Activities Ideas Practical Life skills

I do have a few other kitchen photos clicked, and have more lined up so I could post them together. So keep watching this space for more uploaded pictures 🙂

Isn’t cooking together a great way to bond? A little mess would do no harm right?

And let them also taste thereby they feel accomplished and part of the whole cooking experience.

Please follow our Montessori kitchen board to see all other kitchen works which amuse me from all around the web 🙂

Please do all this in an adult supervision and stay away from any allergy causes if your child has any.

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Also we haven’t started to deal with heated appliances yet, so please do any at your own risk.

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