Hello awesome moms!! Want to start Montessori at home? But,don’t have the time to read books? Do have the time, but the huge amount of information available overwhelms you? Not sure where and how to start? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I will run through the basics of Montessori philosophy on a series.

  1. Follow your child:In addition to the age required activities which you might get to read from my blog and other blogs or from the albums you buy, it is recommended to follow your child’s interest
  2. Sensitive Period:Children pass through sensitive periods during which certain skills can be learnt effortlessly at that point of time. And these periods are temporary periods. Once the skill is mastered the sensitive period vanishes. And if you don’t stimulate this sensitive period, the easy learning opportunity is gone for your child. Read more about it here on how to identify your child’s sensitive period.
  3. Control of Error: Every Montessori activity has something called Control of Error, which means while doing an activity your child self corrects and need not depend on you to do it for them. This self correction comes in handy to develop your child’s decision making skills. Eg: When they have sound cylinders/smell bottles they have matching dots or numbers at their bottom. Your child looks for these marks to know if they have matched right.
  4. Prepared Environment: Children love order and this prepared environment contributes majorly to it. This well ordered space provides lots of space to move and choose his/her own work. Every material has a place and your child knows where to look for it.
  5. Concrete to Abstract: Montessori once said “what the hand does, the mind remembers”. So the child should learn using concrete objects and then move to abstract ones i.e. paper pencil. E.g.: Introduction to numbers is done using counters/beads.

In the next post I would talk about how to make small changes in your home sweet home to make it easy for your child in this adult sized world  🙂

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