What is best about child-led-learning? Your child sends cues on what his/her current interests are and you heed to that. Don’t you? Have you observed all of a sudden your son shows signs of interest on smelling things or how he wants things on order? Like he wants to put his dirty clothes only in the laundry bag? Also corrects dad when he puts down his wet towel on the floor? Rings a bell? Yup, that’s your toddler on his sensitive period of order.

Have you wondered how your small-sized-bub can learn two to four languages easily, while you struggle really hard to learn your neighbor-state-language? Well, the answer is that the sensitive period for language is somewhere between three months to six years. Any language exposed during that time is absorbed like a sponge in your toddler’s brain.

These sensitive periods are temporary. As a parent what should I do? Yup, I have to identify his sensitive periods and stimulate them accordingly. Those sensitive periods eventually disappear when a skill is learnt and complete.

But what happens when you don’t stimulate them in that particular phase? The opportunity to learn ‘easily without effort ‘fades away, they can still learn them later in their life, but it will take time and lots of hard work. Why don’t we make it easy for our babies?


That’s my lil one in his sensitive period of stacking:-)

DSCN0689And I made this when my lil one was not around, so therapeutic I say:-)