When I looked up for sensory materials over the internet, these bean bags caught my eyes. I selected few random pieces, stuffed them with different bits and pieces and had them stitched. I read that a newborn can only see black and white for the first few months and I didn’t want to stitch the bags for a second time. So the smart brain in me got the front side with different colors/textures and the other side with different black and white patterns.

PicMonkey Collage

They were used for touch and feel play, to stack them, to match them (when made in double), to teach colours, to have a blindfold play, to toss them into a basket. Your little one would surprise you by using this bean bag as a pillow for her doll. You never know, how those little minds work. So keep them as an open ended play and let them decide what they want to do with these bags 🙂

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