I have always been an avid reader and I also read while I nursed my son. Probably he took it from me; he was so interested in books than his cars or Lego blocks.

When we started to have limited screen time after he turned two, there were on and off periods of reading. And to wean him off the screen time, we went back to the books. And it worked liked a charm.

This morning, I saw him cuddle up and observe a picture book for good ten minutes. I did not want to interrupt him, I was so delighted to watch him read.

I have always found pleasure in reading and most of the days I have gone to sleep with a book in my hands. I hope my son also finds his comfort in books and believes that books are one of the best things that had happened to this world.

I have put a list of books which we have read and which are on our wish list after going through all the book reviews.

If you are a new mom/ or trying to introduce books to your lil one, then this guide should get you started on this.

If you are already reading to your lil book lover, then list your favorite ones in the comments section so that I could add them to the list for the newbies 🙂

Indian Books:

What I love about Tulika books are that they are Indianised and the child could easily relate to the characters and the background scenes happening on the book.  That said, Tulika’s logo is a crow. You get the drift? 😉

Okay without much ado, let’s go through the list.

  1. Lets catch the rain
  2. What did you see?
  3. Power cut
  4. Where is amma?
  5. My mother’s saree
  6. What shall I make?
  7. Same and different
  8. Follow the ants
  9. My house
  10. Carry me mama
  11. Jalebi curls
  12. Dosa
  13. Grandmas eyes
  14. The seed
  15. Rangoli
  16. Lets go
  17. Raindrops
  18. Tsomo and momo
  19. What will I become when I grow up?
  20. Colour colour kamini

If you are not sure, which books would suit your lil one’s age, I would suggest you to hop to this awesome group where Divya handpicks Indian books to make your lil one hooked to books 🙂

Click here to join the group.

There are Pratham books as well. Unfortunately, I haven’t got my hands on them yet.

You can browse their books from here.

If you know about Pratham books, can you do me a favor and list the best of their collections on the comments section below?

Other Books:

  1. The very hungry caterpillar
  2. Green by laura
  3. Brown bear brown bear
  4. Good night moon
  5. Whose tail?
  6. Ten little fingers and ten little toes
  7. Excuse me a little book of manners
  8. How do you feel
  9. Usborne-tractor
  10. Usborne farm
  11. Usborne my first numbers
  12. Wibbly pig
  13. Julia donaldosn- gruffalo
  14. Animal actions Julia Donaldson
  15. Baby touch and feel-lets get dressed
  16. Park-baby touch and feel
  17. I can share
  18. Nio hitting
  19. Where is my belly button
  20. How does baby feel?
  21. Chick chicka boom boom
  22. We are going on a lion hunt
  23. The runaway bunny
  24. Big red barn margraret
  25. No hitting-karen
  26. Pat the bunny
  27. Where’s spot series?
  28. We are different
  29. The big orange splot
  30. The grouchy lady bug
  31. Bag in the wind
  32. Fireman sam
  33. Mama always comes home
  34. My many coloured days
  35. Counting kissesABC, a childs first alphabet books

There are so many other best books available in the market. Please make sure to introduce your kid to a variety of books and that is one decision you wouldn’t regret.

And it is never too early to start reading 🙂

Also if you are here in India, you might like to visit these pre-loved/second hand book selling facebook groups where you might find awesome handpicked books for a very lesser price.

Tiny Tots Book Reading Hub


Great beginnings read a book today

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And if you have read till the end, I have the best piece of information for you.

There is this awesome Facebook groups where they discuss about children’s book reviews and other cute lil things related to children’s book literature.

This facebook group is packed with book lovers, so you get best of the suggestions from here.

Click here to join that awesome group.

And before I end this, I have an announcement to make.

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Watch out this space for more 🙂

And hey, don’t forget to comment about your lil munchkins favt book below. Heaps of good karma for you  🙂