When I started understanding about Montessori concepts, I came across these treasure baskets. At the first notion I did not understand how these random things in the basket would help a small person. These baskets are awesome and you don’t really need a toy to entertain your lil bub. Plus they are not expensive and doesn’t need much of your time to prep them.AHH!! That’s what I love about Montessori. Its simplicity!!!.

To your lil one, every simple item is new and exciting to discover. Basically you have to throw in different objects of colour,texture,weight,sound,smell,taste.Ours varied from spoons to bells, shells to stones, baking supplies to buttons,pom poms to paper roses, lemon to coffee powder for every season. Use your imagination. Anything you have around your house and its cool how you expose your baby to the real environment. Your baby will go back to it again and again for she will not get enough of it.


Right now on our shelves, we have this music basket which my son is exploring.

You can put in a maracas, tambourine and xylophone or simply throw in a half filled bottle of beans. It could be a bunch of key-chain, a small pot and a spoon. Again, creativity 🙂


This one is another kitchen treasure basket at 10 months.

I wish I had started this blog earlier or captured every basket we had. But I am sure I would someday redo them just for the sake of this blog. Happy Exploring 🙂

Some pointers to note-Give in clean and safe objects for they are sure to be sucked or chewed.

Avoid dyed and sharp objects.

Avoid anything you suspect would rip apart when pulled/tossed.